FIAT MONEY (not cars)

Fiat Currency(From the Latin fiat, which means “let it be done”)

“Every fiat currency ever created in the history of the world has collapsed in disaster”

Please also read, The Law – By Frederic Bastiat

German woman using money as fuel in
her wood burning stove. During the 1923-
1924 hyperinflation in Germany, it took
less paper money to generate the needed
heat in the stove by burning the money
than it did to use it to buy wood to burn.
© AdsD der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

This picture was originally on
however the picture is no longer there.


Using banknotes as fuel for cooking.

Hungary 1946 – Banknotes were so worth-
less that they were discarded like trash.

A fiat currency is a worthless piece of paper having no intrinsic value, since it cannot be redeemed for a tangible asset such as gold or silver. 
Fiat money’s only intrinsic value is fuel: you cannot reuse the paper money for printing because the paper has aready been spoiled with ink from the Central Bank, and you cannot use the fiat money as toilet paper because of its poor absorption.  If you cook on a wood stove or live in a cold area, at least paper money has some intrinsic value to you (energy), otherwise paper money remains trash – an expensive pollutant brought to you by your Government.

A fiat currency is money issued by a government order that it must be accepted as a means of payment by law extortion.  Without the threat of using force (such as jailing or killing recalcitrants), no fiat currency would ever come to existence.  A fiat currency remains in circulation as long as its government make it illegal to its citizens to conduct business in gold or silver.  If a government would partially
legalize freedom, that is, allowing people to trade in gold or silver, and the courts would be allowed to recognize and enforce a contract settlement in gold or silver, then the government’s Central Bank would become useless within months.

Because a fiat currency can be printed on paper, it makes it easy for the government to spend more than they tax, thus nflating the money supply.  Printing fiat money is the favorite means for politicians to buy votes.  Since most people are ignorant about inflation, voters are misled to believe they are receiving more money from the government compared to what they pay in taxes.  The truth is government cannot create any wealth.  All the government can do is confiscating wealth from one group and give it to another group, in exchange for a few votes.  Ironically, the inflation tax affects the poorest in society, usually the very ones voting for more government.

Printing Money and the Inflation Tax

What most people fail to realize that inflation is a tax
They know only that the cost of living has gone up, however they don’t understand why.  Politicians and the media use propaganda to blame the rising cost of living to greedy businesses, however the root of the problem is the printing of fiat money.

Ending inflation would cause your money to buy more and more as the economy grows, instead of less and less, as it does today. Stopping inflation would also end bubbles and booms, and the recessions they cause.
Past inflations, booms, and busts were created through essentially the same process, including the recent stock market and housing bubbles. The Central Bank (or the Federal Reserve) is simply the government’s latest-and-greatest tool for legalized counterfeiting.

Printing Money Creates Mass Poverty

It is a Crime to Counterfeit

The Founding Fathers of the United States knew that a fiat currency would create poverty, slowly increasing it until it overcomes us.  All our modern presidents, Republican and Democrat, are doing is taking advantage of the ability we gave them to print money.  Greed has corrupted our government.  It is our own fault because we allowed it, and the longer we let it continue, the less we can do to change it without complete revolution.  The shrinking middle class is only a symptom of a deeper problem, and we are perpetuating and falling victim to it by using debt as a financial tool in everyday living.

Our founding fathers debated this very issue and Thomas Payne said in 1786 that it should be considered treason for
anyone to even suggest that fiat currency be allowed.  John Adams said that “paper money” (meaning by fiat) is a great theft, stealing from the society where it is used.  Yet the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door for congress in 1884 with the Julliard vs. Greenman case, and an amendment to the constitution was later passed making it constitutional.
(See “A Plea For The Constitution” by George Bancroft.).

Over the last 230 years we have let laws accumulate on the books that are contrary to our values as a country.  That has accumulated to the point that our courts are starting to use unconstitutional laws to justify decisions not directly related to the case in question, yet it goes unchallenged still because people rarely sue to change unconstitutional laws, which in effect puts the court’s stamp of approval on the law.  Congress doesn’t consider the constitutionality question to be its responsibility, when it passes law – that is the Court’s job.

Over time, what was considered treason and punishable by death at the Constitutional Convention is now allowed and even
legislated into law.

The root of the problem is the fact that we have allowed our government to violate the original intent of our constitution and pass an amendment that allows them to create a fiat currency.

Fiat Money is the High Road to Hyperinflation

Gold is the Antithesis of Fiat Money

Gold is money, however gold cannot be printed.  Any currency backed by
gold cannot be inflated without mining more gold.  By contrast, a fiat
currency can be printed or created out of thin airy with a few keystrokes on a

Without gold as money, governments can print as much money as they want, destroying wealth through inflation.


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