Aaron Russo Lives Within Free People

Aaron Russo R.I.P. February/2/1943 – August/24/2007

On August 24, 2007, America lost a great human being and a fearless champion of freedom. Aaron Russo is remembered as an entertainment businessman, film maker, Libertarian political figure, and proponent of tax and monetary reform. He was best known in political circles for his documentary movie, America; Freedom to Fascism, which is a clarion call to action against the U.S. Federal Reserve System and the Income Tax. He was a member of Freedom Force and recipient of the Freedom Force Champion-of-Freedom Award.

freedom force international
G. Edward Griffin presents a silver Libertatem to Aaron Russo in recognition of his Champion-of-Freedom Award and appointment to the Freedom Force Hall of Honor, November 8, 2006.

Source: Freedom Force International.com


reality zone
Aaron Russo and Nick Rockefeller in December of 1999.

Nick Rockefeller invited Aaron into the Council on Foreign Relations, the exclusive group that rules America from behind the scenes. When Russo objected to loss of freedom for the common man, Rockefeller replied: “What do you care about them? They mean nothing to you. Look out for yourself and your family.” When Aaron did not agree, their friendship came to a close.

Aaron is mad as hell with the establishment

Vodpod videos no longer available.

From Wikipedia.

Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island , producer Aaron Russo began promoting rock and roll shows at local theaters while still a high school student.

Entertainment career

Five years later the twenty-four-year-old entrepreneur opened his own nightclub in Chicago called the Kinetic Playground which became a driving force in the music business, where Aaron helped create the careers of many legendary performers, such as Led Zeppelin, whom he brought to America for the first time. He also promoted some of the Sixties’ most successful rock acts, including The Who, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane.

Aaron’s masterpiece, America Freedom to Fascism has woken up millions around the world.

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Interview to Alex Jones (shortly after this Aaron passed on)

A provocative insight into Aaron’s personal motivation in the political arena was provided in a video interview conducted on January 29, 2007 by Alex Jones. In this interview, he explained how Nicholas Rockefeller attempted to convince him to give up his pro-freedom ideas and join with the ruling elite. He told Russo about the plan to microchip the entire population to control them; eleven months before 9/11, predicted “an event that will allow us to invade Afghanistan and Iraq”; and laughed about the coming “War on Terror” that would be stage managed to frighten Americans into giving up their freedom in exchange for security from an imaginary threat.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
    • James MacInnis
    • January 6th, 2010

    Prior to watching Arron Russo’s interview, I felt very much alone but I knew I was not the only one who figured out the Banking system and I was convinced I was right. I read former Canadian Cabinet Minister Paul Helyers writings and He who opened my eyes to the the scam that the Central banks have been getting away with.
    Congressman Ron Paul is bringing it more attention but it certainly is uplifting to learn that one who fought his way growing up in the streets of brooklin, one who became a giant in show business did not compromise his integrity and get dragged along with the pack. He was a true example of independant individualism and America has lost a true champion of freedom. I morn his passing but carry on his work in my own small way.

    • Good on you.
      Humanity needs you.
      Do your best for our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

    • Marisol
    • November 15th, 2010

    I too admire arron. I highly believe his cancer was a direct attack. I dont know if you knew but, he told alex that he felt he was under attack.
    All that he was speaking about i knew it! i knew there was something up. i watched jesse ventura’s episodes and its all to obvious our own country screwed us over.
    DO NOT RECIEVE RFID CHIP. for it is the mark of the beas. godbless

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