U.K. Budget 2010: In The Carbon Religion’s Worst Week Brits Throw £1bn At The Bank of Superstition

It seems even the impending menace of a general election cannot make Labour face reality. The Budget showed the carbonphobic green hysteria still has a grip on the major parties. Alistair Darling was cock-a-hoop because he had just discovered his borrowing needs had shrunk from a massive £178bn to a trivial – er – £167bn. So, with the insouciance of a lottery winner, he immediately blew £1bn on a “green bank” whose chief function will be to fund wind energy, the discredited technology that sensible investors are now shunning, to the extent that the plant building wind turbines in this country has shut down.

That is half the sum he has just clawed back from greedy bankers. Silly old us, if we imagined for a moment it might be spent on something sensible like reducing the deficit. Nor should we look to the opposite side of the Commons chamber for more sane prescriptions: Dave and his cronies are even more infatuated with the anti-carbon superstition than Labour. This is, as usual, bad news for British taxpayers.

However, beyond these shores, there is very good news indeed. Those global warming sceptics who pessimistically forecast that, despite the disintegration of the AGW scam on an almost daily basis, governments would forge ahead and impose green taxes have been proved gratifyingly wrong. This has been the worst week for the carbon scare scam since its gestation in the frontal lobes of Al Gore and similar eco-entrepreneurs.

First, Nicolas Sarkozy’s party was slaughtered in the French regional elections, to the point that it now controls only Alsace and an island in the Indian Ocean called Reunion. With the Front National rampant in the polls and complete electoral humiliation heaped upon him, Sarkozy had the sense to come in out of the rain. He announced the indefinite postponement (ie cancellation) of France’s proposed carbon tax. The French environment secretary described herself as “devastated that eco-scepticism had prevailed”.

There will be a lot more green politicos devastated shortly. The message to electorates worldwide is: thrash them at the polls and you can actually remove the green tyranny from your backs. This week too, the backlash in America against Barack Obama’s constitutional coup d’état on healthcare finally buried any vestigial hopes that he would be allowed to impose cap and trade or any other ecofascist ploys devised by the Al Gore camp on the American public. In the great carbon hysteria, you can effectively take America out of the picture.

So, with the United States and France removed from the jigsaw of green totalitarianism, the eventual outcome is inevitable: the real objective of the AGW scam, green taxes and billionaire profits from carbon trading are ultimately doomed projects. Here in Britain, of course, both Labour and the Tories remain mesmerised by the Fifth Monarchy Men of the carbon apocalypse. The French electorate has demonstrated the solution: wipe them both out at the general election. Take off the blinkers, shrug off outdated tribal prejudices, reject the perceived “least worst” option and vote for what you actually want. Make Labour and Toryism history.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk, March 24 2010
By: Gerald Warner

Gerald Warner is an author, broadcaster, columnist and polemical commentator who writes about politics, religion, history, culture and society in general.

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