SWF Files With Music You Want But Can’t Extract .mp3? Yes You Can

I found out about this little diamond on ghacks.net,
it works great for me hope it helps some of you.

Here is a quick tip for those of you who encounter swf files regularly on the web and like some contents that much that they want to extract them. The most thought after objects are mp3 files which can be easily extracted from swf to mp3.

Some webmasters suggest a workaround using an audio recorder like Audacity for that purpose and while that is one possibility it is not the most comfortable one.

SWF Rip is an Open Source software program that serves the purpose of extracting objects of swf files to the computer. The software has not been updated for some years but it still works surprisingly well on most swf files. There might be some that it is not working with though.

Source: ghacks.net

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