Urgent message. The days of freedom are numbered. Watch and pass on.

In this clip from the 19th edition of the Reality Report Gary Franchi provides his opening commentary and makes remarks about how America is the last beacon of hope for the world and how each of us must take a stand before it is to late.

In the 19th edition of the Reality Report Gary Franchi covers a report on the 2 million man 9/12 march in Washington DC and presents an article from the Miami Herold declaring that the New World Order has finally emerged. He also will share an unfortunate report from an Alabama Tea Party where one supporter was dragged out. Franchi also presents a report from Ground Zero on the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Chicago coverage of the September 15th nationwide mass action day to Audit the FED is also presented. Gary also presents a viral video related Flu shot tracking and Medical martial law. The last installment of the Power of the Sheriff series is broadcast and Gary dips into the Mail bag and pulls out your feedback.

Watch the entire report on Reality Report

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