Cheshire UK: Nearly 700 Arrested In Violent Crime Blitz

A massive police blitz on violent crime in Greater Manchester has led to almost 700 people being arrested.

Greater Manchester Police of Police officers executing raids as part of Operation Admiral
Greater Manchester Police execute raids as part of Operation Admiral

Around 3,000 officers and staff detained 672 people over a 24-hour period starting at dawn on Friday.

The operation was specifically aimed at cracking down on alcohol-fuelled violent crime.

Drugs and an AK47 rifle were found in early morning raids, then in the evening officers descended on pubs and clubs.

Several pubs were closed down including one where a cannabis farm was found hidden behind a false wall.

Bouncers’ credentials were also inspected leading to a haul of fake identity cards and false details.

One drunken man in Manchester city centre was arrested for carrying two nine-inch kitchen knives.

Greater Manchester Police of Police officers executing raids as part of Operation Admiral
Officers prepare to burst into a property in Gorton

Operation Admiral was launched when a government survey found one in three people across the North West see drunk or rowdy behaviour as a major issue.

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said: “More than 670 violent criminals have been arrested in an operation which has been in response to the concerns expressed in our communities about alcohol-fuelled violence.

“We know that the level of drunken aggression is unacceptable in our towns and so to tackle this problem many operations have been run overnight to challenge drunkenness.

“(We planned to) arrest those whose behaviour places other people in fear and at risk, and tackle those licensees who are not prepared to work with the authorities to make their premises safe for their customers.”

Greater Manchester Police thanked the public for their support.

Source: Sky, August 22, 2009

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