Signs of our times. CPS Supposed "Child Protective" workers with criminal histories and long rap sheets

When you watch this story it becomes clear that these “Child Protective” workers probably have worse criminal histories than any of the people they are evaluating. It these people would engage in all of the other crimes they have engaged in, its not that far of a stretch to think they would lie in order to get federal bonus money for unethically adopting children out. What we all need to ask ourselves is why in the world are we paying these people our tax dollars to do this job? Then we need to contact our local bum(aka Representative) and raise hell. We say bum because the idea that this ever got to be this way is a disgrace that condemns both political parties on the county, state, and federal level. This system is entirely broken, our government knows it and is choosing to do nothing–that’s unacceptable. Evidently they think our children are just another form of “pork barrel” and who cares if they are raped, murdered, or kidnapped through unethical adoptions. Its time that the American people told their representatives that stealing children is not something we will tolerate. They may not listen, but lets face it–this country is falling apart at the seams right now, so it is time for us all to start making plans to replace all these so-called public servants that refuse to serve the public.

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