The case against water fluoridation in West Lancashire (UK)

Dear Survey Respondent,

Thank you for responding to my recent survey on water fluoridation. As you provided an e-mail address, I am, as promised, forwarding the results of the survey. I have also attached the comments received for your information.

The results of the survey were:h2o

Against water fluoridation – 98.7%

In favour of water fluoridation – 1.3%

I stated before the survey that my starting point was to be against fluoridation, but that I wanted to hear the views of the public. I am pleased that my own initial views are in line with those of local residents and accordingly I will oppose water fluoridation in our area.

I will be conveying the survey results and comments to the Strategic Health Authority in the next day or so, but I have already e-mailed our Primary Care Trust, because this Thursday 29th January the PCT board will consider requesting the Strategic Health Authority to launch a formal consultation on water fluoridation.

Finally for those of you with a detailed interest in this subject, I attach the recent -November 2008- report from Hampshire County Council which comes down against water fluoridation in the Southampton area.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Owens

Conservative General Election Candidate
A New Direction for West Lancashire

The people’s views

1. Mass medication of the populace is absolutely wrong. Flouride used to be used as a rat poison, has been linked with certain cancers, infertility and bone weakening. A few grams are lethal to an adult human. I, and many others would purchase a high grade water filter if it were added to the water supply.

2. It is my firm belief that the arguments against adding flouride to our drinking water far outweigh the arguments for. If the government is serious about
maintaining/improving the dental health of the population it should have struck a deal with the dentists of this country when it had the chance. As it is now many people no longer see a dentist because it is too expensive. Unfortunately dentists were not bright enough to understand what the consequences were going to be either. How many people would choose to spend a small fortune in return for taking time out of the day for transport to and from the dentist, time in the waiting room, time in the chair and suffering pain and discomfort? Campaigns to encourage us to look after our teeth and banning many more addtives that hamper the immune system and similar steps are preferable. Other countries have seen the light why does it always take so long here in England?

3. Fluoride toxicity has been linked to bone disease, infant mortality and brain damage This is why I do not want fluoride added to my water supply.

4. I disagree with such an unnecessary ‘blanket approach’ and in principle with the idea of forced medication. The considerable health concerns around fluoride may well counter-balance or be worse than the reported dental decay among some children. I also think that the financial and economic interests at stake in this proposal should be made public.

5. “Don’t Take The Medicine” Are you going to sit back and allow others to pollute your water supply even further? We are paying through the nose to be
given mass medication, what for?. There is plenty of evidence to prove that flouride is bad for human consumption, most of our politicians heve never read the evidence against flouride. They have pushed a bill through parliament, which will make it law in this country for local authorities to give us the mass medication.
6. I will comment further following my research. Flouride, however, is a deadly poison and even in the small quantities envisaged,will seriously damage the health of those who are forced into imbibing this.It also alarms me considerably that governmental sources seem totally unaware of the long standing in depth research on this subject. Just when I thought we were safe from more government catastrophies.

7. fluoridation in water is not nice we have friends call we often then a cup tea fluoride inwater making us sick visitors

8. I am sick of interfering do-gooders who want to subject the general public to the addition of chemicals to their environmental needs. I have no wish to ingest added fluoride to protect children’s teeth. It is the responsibilty of parents, and the children, to protect their own dental hygene and maintenance by cleaning their teeth and by regular visits to a dentist. Adding fluoride is just another example of taking the easy way out – irrespective of the cost to people who gain no benefit, and who may be harmed, by the action. I am 65 years of age and have all my own healthy teeth because I have taken care of them over the years. If kids today cannot be bothered to look after their teeth, then tough, let them loose them.

9. I think the negatives outway the possivives

10. No need to add chemicals to the water supply, if people want to take fluoride they can take it themselves. It is a poison.

11. I am totally against this proposal. Any suggestion that it is ok because it is only a small amount is completely wrong – modern mathematical models of chaos show how tiny changes to a system may not have a detectable impact for a long time, but the imbalance becomes suddenly greater and can destabilise a whole system. Our bodies are generally pretty stable, self-sufficent systems – until suddenly something unbalances them and sickness occurs. Modern life already provides more than enough stress factors: already more and more people have long term health problems, and it is completely unethical to knowingly – and it WOULD be knowingly, we are talking about industrial waste chemicals here – add poisons to our water. If fluoride were to be added to anything, it should be the foods that are known to cause tooth decay in the first place. Can you imaging the uproar and loss of sales if Cadbury’s, for example, were suddenly to announce that they are about to add this poison to their foods? Yet our supposed guardians are proposing it. Crazy world! Please vote NO to this proposal. I do my best to eat, and give my family, good food – use a water filter and use organics as much as possible. On the one hand, both Goverment health policy and ‘green’ appears to encourage this; on the other they undermine it with such proposals. Please vote NO.

12. The fluoride involved IS a DANGEROUS CHEMICAL produce, creating SERIOUS DAMAGING effects on BONES, TEETH etc.. wherever fluoridation of water has been
applied !! See dramatic results of researchs in America where the sale of bottle- water and tap and shower-filters shows that people don’t want it !! It has been BANNED in Scotland and France. We DON’T WANT IT either in WEST-LANCS or ANYWHERE in THE UK ! THANKS to protect our health from more POISONING !! NATURAL fluoride can be available from FOOD for people lacking it.

13. There is much evidence that adding fluoride to mains water has many potential dangers. When fluoride stopped being added to supplies in communities
in Finland, Cuba, Germany and other countries tooth decay did not increase. My four children ( brought up In Skelmersdale) had virtually no tooth decay
until they were adults. My two grandsons now 10 and 6 also brought up in Skelmersdale have had no fillings to date. Factors other than fluoride play a role and effort should be put into increasing education about good diet etc rather than making the whole population drink fuoridated water which has known risks as it builds up in the human nervous system.

14. Adrian, I find it really scary that the Strategic Health Authority are even considering putting industrial pollutants into the water supply! Most especially, what about the young (babies) and the old, plus loads of people with health problems for whom toxic fluoride in the water is highly likely to be the straw that breaks the camels back? And what about my choice in this matter? I choose to use a fluoride-free toothpaste. Anyone else is free to choose fluoride toothpaste. But if fluoride gets put in the water, I won’t have the choice on whether to drink water with fluoride or not. I think this is against my human rights.

15. My husband and I feeling very strongly about forcing so called medication to the population. We need to make our own decisions as to what we put in
our bodies. Maybe it would be a better idea to make legislation to reduce the sugar in our food to cut down the cavities. We have enough pollution in our lives without intentionally adding it to our water sources. Fluoride is well documented in its harmful effects on the body and is banned in many countries, I cannot understand why any Government would want to add to our problems , now and in the future.

16.There are better ways to introduce fluoride rather than mass medication. Fluoride is known to be a deadly poison when taken over long periods of time.
Fluoride should not be forced on the population upon people who do not desire to take it. There are many who do not wish to digest fluoride and there are many who are ignorant of its origins and effects. The government’s argument about dental decay should be counteracted by more NHS dentists. Mass medication should only be used for epidemics which are life threatening. >From my resources non-natural fluoride when ingested is life threatening and the public needs to be made aware of it. There is enough information to date to show that alkaline water would prove to be a healthier option, but the government has not made any inroads to introducing this to the public.

17. The flouridisation of water will not benefit the majority of the population. I think it is unreasonable to impose this on everyone, it takes away people’s freedom of choice. I certainly don’t want the addition of chemicals to my water imposed on me. Why don’t they add flouride to food or drinks aimed at children instead?

18. There are plenty of other sources of flouride should people wish to avail themselves of them. ‘One size fits all’ does not take into account people’s
allergies, intolerances or respect their right to determine what they ingest. Just because some people do not take care of their health, that is no reason
to impose a ‘solution’ upon all!
19. As a pensioner with brittle bones I certainly DO NOT want fluoride added to my tap water. I have read plenty of articles from various arthritis bodies
which show that fluoride makes bones brittle and weak, and I certainly dont need or want that thank you. Kindly dont meddle with our drinking water for the sake of trying to improve the dental health of children who already eat far too many sweets and sugary drinks etc. Instead simply tackle the problem at source (kids diets). That way you will create far less problems (with fluoride tec) in the long run..

20. I have read several sources stating flouride is an industrial waste, with no proven health benefits. Putting it in our drinking water seems somewhat sinister – why not get the entire local population to vote on this, rather than it being imposed.

21. I am very concerned about possible health risks posed by adding fluoride to all our water. Would it not be better to tackle the real issue of educating
children and parents about how to care for their teeth instead of subjecting all of us to fluoride whether or not we want it. I dislike being treated as part of a herd for the questionable benefit of a few.

22. Research is not conclusive that water fluoridation is good for public health, therefore I would not wish to be forced to drink water that may have a
harmful effect on community health whatever benefit there may be to teeth. Children can be taught to use fluoridated toothpaste, which is not ingested
into the system. Many health professionals around the world have already opposed the use of fluoride in water. Research has shown that there is no benefit
with its use.

23. From reports I have read and objections voiced, I am very concerned about the side effects of fluoridation in drinking water. Something that occurs naturally is one thing. When the petrochemical companies get involved along with bullish governmental bodies, I immediately feel threatened and concerned. The origin of this mass produced ‘man made’ fluoride is suspicious.So are the reasons for using it. I want to make my own choice. We should not need to add stuff to water or food to prevent this or that. We should naturally strengthen the human body first. There is a worldwide drive for natural organic living without interference from the big brother biotech and vested interest groups.. Please Google fluoride and see the reports warning of the dangers.

24. concerned that this being steamrolled through despite conflicting evidence. Clearly recall chemistry teacher (outstanding chemist) stating very clearly that Fluoride is great up to the age of 7, but of no value above that age. I have so much on the web indicating that fluoride in the water supply is not of universal benefit

25. Did you know that fluoride is a class 2 poison, a survey was taken by Lancashire county council in 2002 and it showed 97% of the community rejected the idea of fluoride in the main water system. The chemical content

26. Allow personal choice. If you start adding fluoride where do you stop? Adding other supplements? High levels of Flouride is not natural the fact that it may reduce tooth decay does not mean that it may not have other subtle effects

27. I lived in north warwickshire for 18 years and raised my 2 children there.They both have mild fluorosis of the teeth, some of their friends have it worse. It became common knowledge as they and there friends got older that this was no coincidence but that it was because severn trent water added fluoride to the water supply. So I would like to try to warn people in west lancs that in my familys experience fluoride has not been beneficial but detrimental to their health

28. If its safe, why do the govenment idemnfiy the water companies against damages claims from the citizens for lawsuits related to water fluoridation – why aren’t the water companies willing to be responsibe for the safety of water fluoridation themselves? Where does the fluorosilicic acid used in the process come from … surely its not industrial waste? Who pays who for the fluorosilicic acid? Do the water companies and hence me through my water bill pay for the flurorsilic acid (presumably its not free). And doesn’t this mean that I and the rest of my community are paying industry to take industial waste that would otherwise be very expensive to dispose of… (I can certainly see the benefits to industry here). How is the safe transport of fluorosilicic acid through the local community to the water plants to be guaranteed as the tanker vehicles involved seem fairly obvious terriorist targets. Given the undisputed negative effects of flouride, how are the water companies going to ensure that no-one receives more than a ‘safe’ daily dose. How do I choose not to have fluoride in my drinking water? Do I have to drink bottled water and reclaim the costs from the water authority? How do I choose not to wash in fluoridated water, given that presumably by washing in flouridated water I’ll be absorbing fluroide through my skin. What are the health authoritys views on why other govenments, cities and communities around the world are stopping fluoridation because of negative health impacts and yet these same areas don’t see increased occurances of dental caries. Is the health authority aware that the history of water fluoridation stems back to the Aluminium Industry in America in the 1940s which had a problem with getting ride of large quanties of toxic floride. The solution was to dilute it and put it in the water supply. The Aluminium industry arranged this by working with the American Dental association
There is evidence from 23 scientific studies that there is an association between fluoride and reduced IQ (see )
Two of these studies are very recent and were only published this summer. 1) Connett M, Limeback H. Fluoride and its effect on human intelligence. A systematic review. International Association for Dental Research 83rd General Session and Exhibition. Toronto, Canada. Poster 2205. July 4, 2008. 2) Tang Q-Q, Du J, Ma H-H, Jiang S-J, Zhou X-J. Fluoride and Children’s Intelligence: A Meta-analysis. Biol Trace Elem Res. 2008 Aug 10. 2008. Also references for studies indicating further evidence of damage to health is given on and on This includes: damage to bones and joints ? increases uptake of lead from other sources of pollution ? lowers production of melatonin which protects against skin cancer ? is associated with increases of a type of bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in young men ? is associated with reduced fertility and thyroid problems ? gives babies fed on formula milk an unsafe dose of fluoride which is 100 times greater than that of breast-fed babies ? gives people who have a high water intake such as athletes,outdoor labourers, those with diabetes or kidney damage and all of us in hot weather a higher than average dose of fluoride ? discolours children’s teeth. The fluoride alert website has video links of interviews with a variety of scientists who are concerned about fluoridation. I would recommend that officials from the health authority are asked to watch a 4 minute interview with Prof. Vyvyan Howard, a toxicologist from the University of Ulster. This can be found about half way down the home page on

29. Dear Sir, thanks for giving us the chance to have a say on this important matter. I would like to urge you to stop this from happening. Fluoride is a poison. About 2mg daily is considered safe and adequate (six cups of tea will contain around 1mg of fluoride). However, taken in quantity or over long periods it is extremely toxic and dangerous. Just over 2 grams of fluoride (roughly a teaspoon) is enough to kill an 11st adult, while just 300mg (found in a tube of toothpaste) is enough to kill a 1st 6lb child. The lethal dose of artificial fluoride is 50 times smaller than natural fluoride. Disodium hexafluorosilicate and hexafluorosilicic acid taken on a regular basis increases the risks of osteoporosis, kidney problems, and even cancer, and some say it is stealthy mass medication. So please Mr. Owens don’t let them add fluoride to our water.

30. Adding fluoride to water is a crime against humanity

31. I drink plenty of water to maintain good health. I already have a problem with my tap water as it has a strong smell of bleach. I boil it and then
chill in the fridge to make it more palatable and hopefully rid it of any other additions. I strongly object to having flouride added to my water. If people want to up their levels of flouride intake they should do this in other ways. My concern is that I would have too much flouride on a daily basis and this should not be forced upon me. This would also result in forcing me to buy bottled water which for the whole family would become very costly.

32. I answered this briefly before, but feel strongly about this. I once knew a man (many years ago) who was utterly miserable with psoriasis and even then
he said about fluoride being bad for his condition. Surely if it is so important for dental health then toothpaste should suffice, we should not all be
subjected to this addition to our water. You can put it into the water but as far as I know, it can’t be taken out. Baths, showers, washing clothes as well as drinking water, we would never be free of the fluoride

33. There is evidence to suggest that in areas where flouride has been added to the water that there is significantly higher incidence of hip fractures
(up to 87%) suggesting increased oseoporosis and brittle bones as well as increases in child hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder AND porous dental enamel !!! Flouride is more toxic than lead according to scientific data. The type of flouride added to water is a bye-product of the fertiliser
industry and so highly toxic. It has been banned in Sweden, Germany, Norway, Holland and Denmark since the 1970’s. This is an unhealthy substance and
under no circumstances should be consumed. The answer lies in healthier eating and education

34. Real concerns about “mass medication” through water supply. Understand some countries have stopped this process as results are questionable and there
are genuine health issues

35. Why should we all suffer “fouled” water to save teeth which could be saved with regular, and cheaper, regular brushing – surely people are not too
lazy to ensure their kids brush?

36. Adding fluoride to the mains drinking water is a serious health hazard and under no circumstances should it be allowed

37. if people want fluoride they can take it as a supplement,leave our water as free from added chemicalsas possible

38. People can choose to add fluoride to their drinking water but they would not be able to choose to take it out. Some people have an intolerance to
iron – and fluoride, they say, causes the same reactions as iron. So, to add fluoride to drinking water might (only might) improve oral health generally
but it would seriously affect the general health of some individuals. They have no choice but to pay to have mains water, whether they are able to drink
it or not. It is not the same when vitamins and iron are added to food because people can choose not to buy the particular food products. We already have
too much chlorine added to our drinking water but at least chlorine is added to make the water safe to drink, not as mass medication

39. If flouride is added to the water supply, health conscious people will stop drinking tap water. It will mean they will have to supply their families
with bottled water. I feel it is my basic right to be supplied with uncontaminated water to drink. If flouride is added I think it is likely that a challenge will be made to the European Court of Justice for a decision in this regard. Educating people to take care of their teeth by avoiding too many sweets & cleaning teeth properly would be a better approach

40. Water should be as pure as possible, not premedicated or contaminated by non essentials.Persons feeling the need for fluoride can take a supplement.
Childrens teeth are best pronected by reducing their intake of refined sugar products to near zero and good oral hygiene

41. Rightly, we need clean water but we don’t need flouride to be added at all, leave it natural

42. I feel very strongly about this issue, I feel if I wanted to take flouride as a supliment I would take it myself . I don’t think we should be forced to take it , we in our area have to filter our water, as we get water so full of chlorine it is undrinkabe is this what will happen when flouride is added. I have to buy bottled water to suppliment my drinking water and I dont want to be forced to do this on a permanent day to day basis. I dont feel I want to pay twice for my drinking water. I will not use it for drinking if this goes ahead. What happened to being free to drink what you like, this freedom is being taken from us. I also would like to know if it can harm us and is it 100% safe, also long term effects will there be any ? Remember Asbestos –35 years ago this was considered safe I used to live at the side of the factory in Rochdale–Its a different story now. I just want the choice

43. I have always considered flouride detrimetal to my health just like Na Benzoate in food. Flouride maitains the water for the water authorities but
long term consumption by people is unheathy

44. No, due to adverse general health effects. Believe people ought to be responsible enough to take sufficient care of their own teeth. Do not believe
the chemicals industry should be allowed to profit by force selling us their waste flourides to our detriment (general health effects, above). Believe fluoride added to water supply would cause an increase in the sale of bottled water with a potentially large environmental cost to this

45. Does forced mass medication like this not indicate the government’s failure to indoctrinate people regards diet and dental hygiene? Is it not taking the easy way out simply to meet targets regardless. Fluoride supplementation does not agree with some people’s constitutions and makes them ill. Are these people going to be supplied with adequate bottled water free of artificial fluoride additives? The majority of the population already take in fluoride through personal choice in the form of tea, fish, fruit juices, toothpaste, mouthwashes, dental procedures, medicines and in some cases supplements as well. One wonders how flourosilicic acid is to be added to the water – a lorry load dumped in now and then perhaps, causing the levels in the water supply to vary? On top of this people drink different amounts of tap water so water fluoridation gives no control at all of anyone’s total fluoride intake. Do people with liver or kidney failure, pregnant mothers, children or the elderly need a different dosage compared to the “average” person? If extra fluoride is such a concern would it not be better to educate people and offer free fluoride supplements through dental surgeries and pharmacies. That way people would have individual choice and it would be properly monitored. Taking away individual freedom of choice like this is humiliating and insulting to the population. It assumes they are all morons

46. There is evidence of harmful effects of fluoridation of water. It constitutes forced medication on everyone without our consent. Many children do not
drink tap water. There is no substitute for brushing of teeth. As stated by Dr. Peter Mansfield, a physician from the UK and advisory board member of the recent government review of fluoridation (McDonagh et al 2000): “No physician in his right senses would prescribe for a person he has never met, whose medical history he does not know, a substance which is intended to create bodily change, with the advice: ‘Take as much as you like, but you will take it for the rest of your life because some children suffer from tooth decay. ‘ It is a preposterous notion.”

47. I have recently woken up to the fact that sodium fluoride is a harmful poison.In america it states on tubes of toothpaste if swollowed please “Seek medical help or Contact a Poisen and Control Centre”.I have provided 2 internet links for you to view.Please take the time out to read these and you will find without a shadow of a doubt why we should not add sodium fluoride to anything!

48. People should be free to choose whether or not they want to imbibe fluoride and not be forced to drink it every day

49. My understanding of fluoridation chemicals is that they are registered as poisons under the 1972 Poisons Act, in the same group of toxins as arsenic, mercury and paraquat. Further there seems to be considerable evidence that it does not reduce levels of tooth decay. Although fluoride is scientifically classed as more toxic than lead, the Government allows 20 times as much fluoride as lead in drinking water. The fluoride added to drinking water isn’t the pharmaceutical grade material added to toothpaste – It’s hexafluorosilicic acid derived from an industrial process. Basically it’s a hazardous industrial waste that is illegal to dump at sea, it also contains small amounts of impurities such as lead, mercury, beryllium and arsenic. The information above is freely available and should be consulted thoroughly before any decisions are made. I would be extremely alarmed and concerned should elected representatives consider their use in the water I use after their research into the matter. I certainly would not be giving my vote to such a person who promotes the adding of fluoride to the water supply or the political party they belong to

50. The industrial form of fluoride used for this process has been found to be toxic and dangerous to health. Why contaminate our already polluted water
any further. Attention should be given to more effective prevention of contaminents such as pesticides, fertilisers and other agro-chemicals, heavy metals
and chlorine, which are already causing health problems

51. I would be very annoyed if flouride would be added to the water. It would be medicating through a basic resource like the air we breathe and I feel
goes against our basic human rights. This medication would be for the benefit of our teeth and not our health – there are many options and ways of looking
after our teeth and to jeopardise our health by adding what is a metal to our drinking water is shocking. I suffer from an underactive thyroid and would want to know what effect consuming flouride may have on my levels. If this went ahead I would want to have a filter fitted to my drinking water and I would not expect to have to pay for it

52. Toxic Fluoride, Major findings show that this is a MAJOR BONE CANCER causing substance, especially in boys that grew up in areas that added at least
moderate levels of TOXIC FLUORIDE to their water , other health risks associated with this product are birth defects, downs syndrome,osteoporosis, low i q in children, etc, etc, should never ever ever be used in our water supplies of which we the public pay

53. I get flouride from my toothpaste thankyou. I do not want any chemicals in my drinking water

54. 1 There is no real, solid evidence that fluoridation is effective or safe. 2 Fluoride is an accumulative toxic poison – there is NO safe dose in
industry. 3 The York report has been subjected to ‘spin’ and misinterpretation. 4 I believe that water fluoridation is not allowed in most other EU states. 5 I have a right not to be “mass medicated” – even if thousands of other ill-informed fools are. 6 All the pro-fluoride ‘facts’ I have seen, so far, are just propaganda based on irrational political bias or just plain ignorance! 7 Why risk it? If in doubt – don’t or as the medical ethic goes, ‘first do no harm’)

55. Given that: 1. there is already fluoride in toothpaste -this is called choice 2. even the briefest google search shows a wealth of evidence for both sides of the debate 2a. the pro-fluoride benefits are tiny in comparison to much of the linked data 3. I like labels to be exactly what they say they are 4. when i drink water i’d like to know that yes.. it is water, and just water I’m sorry i don’t have an MP who cares, good luck Adrian Thanks especially for raising the point that people should have the choice, i hope others follow your example

56. I have four children and none of them have been bombarded with sweets and drinks with high sugar contents and not one of them has a single filling,and the eldest is now 23 I can remember when I was growing up and asking my mum why the water tasted funny,I’m now 52 and no thank you I don’t want that again

57. If I recall this chemical is associated with the break down of DNA over years. Fertility issues have been cited as problems with it’s use. In small doses it’s fine. Adding it to water would dramatically increase exposure to it. Water is water, if I want clean teeth I’ll brush them

58. We are persuaded by the debtists that flouride is beneficial for teeth. Hence the option of fluoride toothpaste seems acceptable. However, fluoride is also a poison and should not be ingested, and certainly should not be forced upon all residents whether they wold choose it or not

59. I have not read anything good about the effects of flouride on the physiology. I am strongly opposed to it and will seek ways of avoiding drinking it if the people of Lancashire are not motivated or informed enough to prevent this dangerous plan from being instigated

60. I would be extremely unhappy if fluoride were added to my my tap water

61. It is an unhealthy way of disposing of a waste product. Those whose bodies are seriously adversely affected by flouride will be forced to buy bottled water. TThe purchase of bottled drinking water should not be encouraged. Tap water should be drinkable by all

62. I am totally against mass medication. Fluoride only works for children anyway, so the children at risk should be specifically targeted. There is no evidence the children at risk actually drink water, but rather fizzy drinks, anyway. Fluoride is highly poisonous and the ingestion of fluoride has been linked with too many harmful medical conditions for it ever to be considered safe to drink

63. I represent over 700 residents in the Ashurst area of Skelmersdale who do NOT wish to have fluoride added to their water supply. If fluoridation goes ahead in our area we fully intend to withold payment of our water bills to help cover the cost of purchasing weekly bottled drinking water, plus the installation and maintenance costs of ‘Whole house’ R.O filter systems required to remove potentially health-damaging fluoride from our water supply. xxxxxx Lancashire Against Fluoridation Quotes “What is the matter with UK scientists that they allow your government to be so stupid?”, – Professor A.K. Susheela (author of over 100 published scientific papers) October 4, 1998, commenting on the UK government’s support for fluoridation. “Over the past ten years a large body of peer-reviewed science has raised concerns that fluoride may present unreasonable health risks, particularly among children, at levels routinely added to tap water in American cities.” ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP, July 2005.

64. One who regularly brushes teeth does not need fluoridation in the water. It also taints drinks such as tea and coffee throughout the day

65. Don’t want water supply poisoning. By choice, I use fluoride toothpaste.

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